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Selene Circle
Crystal Caves
Calville Forest
Sand Dunes
Calville Forest
Calville Mountain Range
Flat Clearing
Underground Springs
Bamboo Thicket
The Lagoon
Rocky Field
The Great Chasm
The Cliffs
Many Paws Cave


Raine Circle
Sunlit Grotto
isty Valley
Peaceful Meadow
The Archipelago
Abandoned Farm
Burnt Tree Island
Lavender Field
Shallow Stream
Lakeside North
Tall Reeds
Rocky Isle
Warm Rocks
Lakeside East

Solaris Circle
Lookout Post
Low Coast
Large Crater
Rolling Fields
The Bluffs
Seaside Cliffs
Collapsed Beaches
Great Plains
Small Pond
The Woodlands
Flower FIeld


⛅ - Solaris Circle     💧- Raine Circle     🌙 - Selene Circle     🐱 - Outsider (Wildlands) 

Current Borders


Marvons Heighlands
Thistle Woods

The Great Divide
Saldosa Heights


Mountain Trail
Desert Expanse
The Thunderpath
Split Earth


Babbling Brook
Creeping Creek
Pinnacle Point

Halycyon 2.0.jpg


This map provides an overview of the entire Wildlands and City.

The current territories secured by each affiliation are as follows:


Solaris Camp.jpg


While Selene Circle is the most defensive camp in the ways of navigating, Solaris also has quite the advantage. Situated on top of a large hill within the expansive plains of their land they could spot anyone coming from a mile away. That's assuming that someone is looking of course. Majority of Solaris members sleep outside save for the Youth and those raising them, Keepers, Elders and Herbalists. Though many Herbalists and Keepers also enjoy to sleep outside with their fellow members under the stars.
In preparation for the colder months Keepers would dig out the many burrows that surround the outer ridges and fill them with warm items such as moss bedding and fern drapes to keep out the wind. When Leafbare arrives Solaris members move down into the burrows to keep warm and move back out to the top of the spiraling hill in Newleaf.
The Low Branch is the meeting spot for Solaris Circle. Here is where the Patron would announce any business that they might have, and cats would gather below in the camp clearing.

Raine Circle Camp.jpg


Raine Circle's Camp is a small island nestled within the lake that takes up the majority of their territory. Raine Circle has a false sense of security about their camp. While most would look out into the lake and decide that swimming that far is too hard, the water between Burnt Tree Island and the Warm Rocks is actually rather shallow. One could wade through there. From there it's just a simple travel across one island and to the next. That isn't to say that no one would spot an outsider trying to walk across the broad log between the two islands.

Youth here are taught by the Keepers at a very young age how to swim, and most importantly, float. After all, the lake might seem calm but it is a very dangerous place for the untrained wanderer.

The Small Stones is the meeting spot for Raine Circle. Here is where the Patron would announce any business that they might have, and cats would gather across from them in the camp clearing.

Selene Circle Camp.jpg


Selene Circle's camp which is nestled within an expansive cave consists mostly of secret tunnels, smaller caves and ridges. One might argue that they have the most defensive structure out of all of the Circles. Considering you would have to navigate through the overgrown cavern, plus make it up at least one ridge before you would even see a single Selene Circle cat. But the Sentinels have certainly seen you from their post. 

Youth are taught by the Keepers from the moment they can walk how to navigate the secret tunnels around the camp in order to avoid any accidental falls. These secret tunnels can get you to about nearly everywhere within the camp.

The Overhang is the meeting spot for Selene Circle. Here is where the Patron would announce any business that they might have, and cats would gather below in the camp clearing. 

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