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We have a few different ranks here on Halycyon! While they do have different names all ranks correspond with an equivalent warrior cats rank. All ranks that we have in the circles: Patron, Second in Command, Envoys, Herbalist, Keeper, Sentinel, Ranger, Novice, Youth and Elder. The only rank not seen in the books is the ‘Queen’ rank. In Halycyon all parents keep their own rank however are welcome to move into the nursery to raise their youth, or give their youth over to a Keeper to raise. 

Ranks are also used as titles. It is often customary to introduce yourself by your rank and name to those who you have not met. It is also polite to use someone's rank who is above your own, especially if they are outside your circle. 
e.g. Patron Asterfell or Asterfell, Patron of Selene.


⪢ Patron
High Rank
The leader of a particular group of cats. These cats are blessed with 3 lives and are expected to guide their Circle to the best of their ability. In Selene Circle you will often see two Patrons whereas all other affiliations typically only have one. They typically rely heavily on their Second in Command to ensure that the day-to-day operations of the Circle are running along smoothly while they focus on the Circle's political health.

⪢ Second in Command
High Rank
The second in command is arguably the cat with the most weight upon their shoulders. Their main task is territory management whether that be through the use of border patrols, or engineering/defending attacks on contested territory. They are also in charge of the general wellbeing of the camp and ensuring that everyone is healthy and fed. Once the patron either retires or dies they would take their place.

⪢ Envoy
High Rank
Envoys are the key link between the other high ranks and the members. They are in charge of representing the circles when the Patron and Second in Command are not present and they are the ones who are sent ahead to other circles with messages. Envoys can often be found accompanying the Herbalists if they were to venture out to other territories. Envoys, similarly to the Keepers, oversee the training of Youth as well. While the Keepers mostly focus on the first 6 moons of life, Envoys focus on the later 10 moons. They are in charge of making sure all novices have a mentor, and overseeing all of their training. Envoys are also responsible for overseeing the transition from novice to their desired specialty. This is typically why there is more than one Envoy per circle.

⪢ Herbalist
High Rank
Herbalists are in charge of physical, mental and spiritual healing and wellbeing of their Circle typically through herbal remedies. In Halycyon all Herbalists have the ability to freely communicate with any member of The Stars Above by visiting the Glacial Caves. Many say that these abilities are blessed upon them by Andromeda so that they can treat their circle to the best of their ability. Little do they know that it is someone else that bestows them these open lines of communication. 

⪢ Keeper
Keepers are the life blood of the Circle and arguably the most important role in camp. They ensure that all youth are safe and provided for and teach them all the necessary skills that they'll need to survive not only outside the camp boundaries, but within as well. Keepers are also responsible for the upkeep of the camp and the safety of the camps materials including prey and herb stores. Cats can switch between the Keeper, Sentinel and Ranger rank at any time. 

⪢ Sentinel
Sentinels are typically the strongest of the circle and spend most of their days training their fighting skills. While they do still hunt for the circle they are the primary line of defence if something were to go wrong. Cats can switch between the Keeper, Sentinel and Ranger rank at any time.

⪢ Ranger
Rangers typically are the best hunters in the circle and spend a majority of their days hunting and providing for others. While they do still fight for the circle these cats are primarily the ones gathering food. Cats can switch between the Keeper, Sentinel and Ranger rank at any time.

⪢ Novice
Novices are young cats between the ages of 6 - 16 moons and undergo generalised training under the guidance of a Sentinel or Ranger. It is highly uncommon for a Keeper to be assigned a novice due to the nature of their work being camp based. Between their 10th and 16th moon Novices can rank up to any specialty that they choose given they prove themself. If no rank is chosen then they will automatically become a Ranger. While characters are within the novice rank they will gain exp faster if a senior rank is participating in the thread.

⪢ Youth
Youth are any kitten under the age of 6 moons old. They primarily spend their days either in the nursery or with the Keepers in camp learning essential survival skills. They start basic training with the Keepers as early as they can walk.

⪢ Retirees
Retirees are any cat that have chosen the life of retirement. This is typically after many moons of long service, however, one can also choose to retire due to injury or personal preference. Many felines choose not to become Retirees and instead will continue service in their specialty.

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