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Similar to the clans, patrons also get lives in the circle however they act very differently. In this version of our world the circle patrons do not die, instead they are protected from a life ending injury or illness via one of the three founding spirits: Solaris, Raine or Selene. 


When it is time for the second in command to become the patron they will be escorted to the glacial caves by the herbalists and their novice(s). Once here they will be greeted by the three founding spirits Solaris, Raine and Selene. Here each founding spirit will imbue a part of their power in the leader in order to protect them from death in 3 instances. Patrons will receive the ability to master a skill of their founding spirits main attributes. Gathering or Hunting from Solaris, Stealth or Fishing from Raine and Strength or Vitality from Selene. This stacks on top of the high rank boost. 


If a patron were to sustain a life ending injury or illness a founding spirit would step in and protect them. A small feline figure followed by a trail of light would dance across the patron's body, and any life threatening injury would be mitigated or any illness would be eradicated. The trails of light correspond with which founder protected them. For the first life one would see a red or gold light representing Solaris, the second life one would see a blue or green light representing Raine and for the third life one would see a purple or pink light representing Selene. Once all three lives have been used the next time a patron encounters a life ending injury or illness the result would be death.  

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