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Territory is a fickle thing, everyone wants more of it, but are you willing to pay the cost? Territory can be exchanged between affiliations through mutual understanding or by force.


High Ranks may only claim contested land that belongs to an affiliation. Any wildling land cannot be claimed. The only exception to this is borders that are shared with an affiliation in which case it would become your affiliation and wildling territory. Ex. 💧⛅🐱 could turn to ⛅🐱or 💧🐱.


You may only have two pieces of claimed contested land at a time. This means if you wanted to claim a different piece of territory you would first have to give up a piece in your possession. 


Before any High Rank team may claim land you must let the defending High Rank team know that you are intending to turn a piece of territory into contested territory. This must be a border that you share with that team. 


Each team will then send a patrol each with an agreed upon amount of cats. Both sides must be equal. The outcome of this battle will be decided through the use of the battle system. The winner of the battle will earn 1 point. In the case of a draw neither team will earn any points.


Your team must earn 2 two points in total to successfully defend / claim land. 


This territory will be safely yours for the next two weeks. After this two week period the territory is free to be attacked again. 


The successful defending / claiming team will gain bonuses while they hunt, fish and gather herbs on this territory.
Note if your affiliation is starving you would use the starvation commands instead of the commands below.

You can use your bonuses on this land by inputting the command in this order: stat, level, con.

Skilled Fishing Roll = /r fishingskilledcon
Beginner Gathering Roll = /r gatheringbeginnercon
Expert Hunting Roll = /r huntingexpertcon

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