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Each circle will need to gain enough prey every history check to ensure that the circle is well fed. If the circle does not meet the minimum requirements then they will go into a period of starvation until the next history check.


In order to gain prey servings you will either need to hunt or fish. You can do this on any territory that is not affiliated with a camp. After using a hunting or fishing command the bot will tell you how many servings you gather. After that you can consult the Halycyon Prey List below to choose an animal to hunt/fish in the corresponding tier. After you have chosen an animal you will need to write a roleplay post and then submit your chosen prey into your affiliations fresh kill pile found in #⛅solaris⛅ , #💧raine💧and #🌙selene🌙. Outsiders do not need to log any prey they catch.

Note that you can only hunt and/or fish twice in one thread. 
If you hunt twice you can not hunt or fish again
If you hunt once and fish once you can not hunt or fish again


Each tier of prey will give you a different amount of servings as seen below.

Tier 1 prey will net you 3 servings
Tier 2 prey will net you 2 servings
Tier 3 prey will net you 1 serving
Tier 4 prey will net you 0.5 servings

Once you have submitted your prey into your affiliations fresh kill pile the website will automatically update. Please give it a few minutes to do this.

In order for your affiliation to be well fed you must meet the minimum requirements. You will need one piece of prey per cat in the circle. For example, if you have 16 members then you would need 16 servings. If you do not meet this minimum requirement then your affiliation will be marked as starving and some effects will come to be until the next history check.

Starvation is not always a bad thing. It will help you hone different skills more quickly than others at the cost of some drawbacks.


Starvation affects how your characters will interact with the world. While your affiliation is starving the following will apply


+ You can hunt better
+ You can fish better

- Your character's strength is weakened 

- Your character's health pool drops by 5 points
- Herbs are harder to find

- Parents can only have 1 kit per litter


While your affiliation is starving you would use the starvation commands.

In order to input a command while your affiliation is starving you would input it in this order: stat, level, st


Trained Strength Roll = /r strengthtrainedst

Skilled Fishing Roll = /r fishingskilledst

Able Strength Roll = /r strengthablest

Beginner Gathering Roll = /r gatheringbeginnerst


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