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Once you have joined the server, read through the rules and accepted them then you are ready to have your own character! There are a few different ways of going about this.

Option 1 - Character Creation
Copy the template from #oc-template and fill it out! Once you have done this post it in #oc-submission for a member of the Halycyon staff team to review. Once the staff member has accepted your application you would move your characters sheet to their affiliation (e.g. #solaris-ocs or #raine-ocs) and you can start roleplaying!

Option 2 - Character / Kit Adoption
Find a character bio in the character adoption forum that you like. From there DM the member with the filled out form and anything else they may require. If the member chooses you to adopt their character post the filled out form in #oc-submission. The parent must approve of the adoption before the form will be reviewed. Once the staff member has accepted your application you would move your characters sheet to their affiliation (e.g. #solaris-ocs , #raine-ocs etc.) and you can start roleplaying!


Each feline born into a circle would receive a single name usually from their parents such as Storm, Marigold, Drop, Thorn, etc. This name they would carry with them as a Youth through to being a Novice. On the day that they receive their ceremony to be a Keeper, Sentinel or Ranger they would receive either a prefix or a suffix to go along with their name.
e.g. Stormcloud, Marigoldstem, Elkdrop, Pricklethorn.
Or their name could change entirely.
e.g. Jay to Hummingbirdwing.

You as the roleplayer get to choose the name for your character. When their ceremony is approaching, reach out to your circles Patron to advise them what full name you want your character to have. If you haven’t done this then you may receive a temporary name until you have decided on the one that you want. 


The important thing to note is that you will never be roleplay blocked and you can have as many threads going at any one time as you want! The only restriction is that you can not start any new threads for a time that has already passed however you can finish threads that were already started.

When starting a thread you are required to have a few things at the top of your reply. These include: character name, moon, season and year that the thread is taking place in, any experience gain and any material gains.


Screenshot 2023-02-07 093932.png
Screenshot 2023-02-07 094051.png

e.g. No EXP gain

e.g. EXP gain

e.g. EXP + material gain


Here in Halycyon time works a little bit differently. One roleplay moon happens every two weeks and is closed off by what is called the History Check. Every second Sunday at midnight an automated message will appear saying that it is the next moon and that characters have aged up. Characters 6 moons and older will age by 1 moon whereas characters under 6 moons will age by 2 moons every History Check.

Time wise all circle meetings will always be the first thing that happens and the summit will be the last thing that happens each moon.

Summits are the equivalent of a gathering in Halycyon. They take place on the tallest part of the territory: Standing Stones. Many cats assume this is because it is the closest place to The Stars Above. The summit is a time of peace and as such all affiliations are invited to mingle freely amongst each other. This means any interactions at the summit do not require a sneak roll.

Summits start at 5:30PM CST on Saturday and go for 24 hours. Announcements from the Patrons or their representatives are at 7:00PM CST on Saturday. All announced information becomes public knowledge.

Herbalists also have their own Summit, however, it’s not on such a strict schedule as the Wildlands Summit. Herbalist Summits can be called at any time by any one of the Herbalists for any reason. The most common would be to exchange herbs, information or introduce a new Herbalist to their ranks. Herbalists would all meet at the Glacial Caves for this. 


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