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⪢ Discord ToS
By joining our server you agree that you are following the Discord Terms and Services. If you are found to be violating these terms and services you will be promptly removed from our server. This includes being under the age of 13. Jokes of being under the age of 13 will not be tolerated and you will still be removed from the server. 

⪢ Be Respectful.
There will be no tolerance of bullying, harassment or any form of discrimination. We are all people and your fellow community deserves to be treated with a level of courtesy. Do not say or do anything that you would not like to be done back to you. Keep your friends in check, make sure that they are treating others with respect. There is a fine line between joking with your peers and bullying. Make sure you are on the right side of the line. 

⪢ Maturity.
You are expected to have a common sense of maturity. This is a server that will contain darker themes due to the nature of roleplay itself. However do keep in mind that we have minors in our community. Keep your conversations appropriate and on topic. You will be warned for topics that are deemed inappropriate. You are allowed to swear here, however, please try and keep it to a minimum and appropriate. Emojis fall under the same category. You are expected to take responsibility for your own actions. The act of attempting to push the responsibility onto another member will give you a strike. 

⪢ Spam/Advertisement.
Do not spam or troll in any of the channels. It is a privilege to be a member of this server and not a right. Be respectful with your community and do the right thing. Any advertisements in any channel or in people's DM's will not be tolerated. We ask that you first get in contact with anyone on the partnership team if you wish to partner with our server. From there they will help you in being able to advertise in our community. 

⪢ Mini-Modding.
Do not mini-mod. There is a staff team for a reason. Please do not answer questions even if you have the best of intentions. Just refer people to where they will be able to ask their question so our staff team can help them. If there is a situation please ping a staff member, don’t deal with it yourself.

⪢ Alternate Accounts.
Do not create an alternate account to get past our character rules. We will know that you have an alternate account and it will be banned. Your membership shall be evaluated by our staff team.

⪢ Languages.
We ask that you use English only in our chats. Not all of the staff members are familiar with every single language .We apologise for the inconvenience but please keep everything in English.

⪢ Staff Word is Final.
Please respect our staff members. If they have asked you to do something then comply. If the owner or admins have to step in because you are not respecting the staff you will be facing serious consequences. If you do not agree with what a staff member has said to you or asked of you then please send a DM to Tilly#3344.

⪢ Pluralkit and Tupperbox
Pluralkit is only to be used by systems. If you wish to use a bot for your roleplay characters please use Tupperbox!

⪢ Artwork
All artwork must be credited which includes the usage of picrews and bases. You may not use art off the internet unless it was made for you, you have rights to it, or the piece is explicitly stated to be free to use by the artist.


⪢ '-sue' Characters.
A ‘-sue’ character shall not be accepted on this server. What is a ‘-sue’ character? Then let me explain! These characters typically have no flaws and are all around superbeings. They never get hurt, they are perfect in every single way, and they win every fight that they get into. Every character has a flaw, and every character has a bad character trait. Try not to make your characters perfect super heroes. 

⪢ Realistic.
Your character needs to be realistic due to our genetics system. No cats with purple eyes, green fur, highlights, etc. You may have a drawing / picrew for your reference picture if you are going to provide one but they must be able to look like a normal cat would, match up with your oc's description and be credited. 

⪢ Character Template.
You need to use our template. Please do not add on to it or take sections away from it. If you do not use our template we will ask you to transfer all of your information into the template before we assess it. All of the form must be posted in discord messages, you may not use a google document. This is to protect your identity. 

⪢ Naming.
Your characters' names need to make sense and be appropriate. We don’t go by a traditional naming system here however it must be things that a cat knows. For example a form of wildlife or an animal. Your character can not be named after our circles (Solaris, Raine and Selene). They also may not have the star suffix to avoid confusion.

⪢ Pregnant and Kit Characters.
You can’t outright make a pregnant character or a character under the age of 6 moons old due to our generations system. All kits must be adopted from parents who have had kits in the roleplay. If you are looking to adopt a kit then you can check out the kit adoption channel to see if there are any there of your liking.

⪢ Canon Characters.
You can not have any special connection to the original canon characters. This roleplay take place in a completely different time and place to the canon clans. There is no way they’d be descended from, or know anything about them. 

⪢ Stat Levels
All characters start out with their stats at the beginner level. This is to encourage you to build on the characters that you already have.

⪢ 3 Characters Per Circle.
You may not have any more than 3 characters in 1 circle without the use of prizes. To create or adopt another character in a circle that you already have 3 characters in you will need to either kill an existing character or move them out of the circle. 

⪢No NPCs.
If your character does not have family that have been or are currently being roleplayed in the server the mother, father, siblings and other kin sections should be left blank in your submission. These characters will be considered deceased for the purposes of our story unless you plan on making them adoptable or roleplaying them yourself in the near future. The only exception to the no NPC rule is if the staff or event team need to create an NPC to further a plot along.


⪢ Character Name + Season at the Top of the Reply
You must put your character name and the season that the roleplay takes place in on the top of your reply. This doesn’t seem so important, so why do you need it? Well this is for activity and history checks! We won't be able to add any interesting information from your roleplay to The Historian if we don't know who the characters are and what season it's in. Check out the Getting Started tab for more information.

⪢ Unlimited Threads
You can have as many threads active as you want! There is no roleplay block here. You may only start threads in the current season. If the season rolls over you can still finish your thread, you just won't be able to start another in any previous seasons. 

⪢ NSFW Roleplay
All roleplays must be appropriate. There shall be no NSFW roleplay. Any signs of this will mean that your thread automatically does not count towards your activity check, the thread is removed and you will be put under a review for whether you should still be a member of this server or not. 

⪢ Meta-Gaming
No meta-playing, godmodding, etc. Your character shouldn’t know something that only a select few characters, that does not include your own, know. If you’ve seen someone mention something somewhere and it doesn’t involve your character, then it doesn’t make sense for your character to know. 

⪢ Literate Roleplay
This is a literate roleplay server. Each roleplay post should be at least one well constructed paragraph with a minimum of 100 words per post.  If you are having trouble with what to write, try answering these questions with your reply: 

- What is your character thinking?
- What is your character feeling?
- Is there anything in the immediate area that they’d like to look at?
- What is their relationship with the other character? How do they feel about them?
- What is their current emotional and/or physical state? 
- Should they be saying something to another character?

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