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You hear the occasional whispers among the crowd of a tale, one that took place many moons ago. What are those whispers you ask? They're the tales of Halycyon, the land of prosperity.

A long time ago there were three groups run by individual leaders. Solaris, a former wildling. Raine, a former housecat and Selene, a former wildling. Under their leadership they brought life to the land of Halycyon and formed the three circles of legend. But what does this story have to do with today? 

A rumor started that someone had received a vision from the founding members of the legendary circles. No, not one. Three. Soon whispers filled the forests, the moors, the mountains, and even the streets. Everyone who wasn't scared of the old tales would claim that they were one of the fabled ones. Will you seek out these felines and discover what happened to the fabled circles of the past? Or will you make your own legacy? Only time will tell. 

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Halycyon is a long term TTRPG text-based roleplay server with a few twists and turns along the way such as small name changes as well as rank, group and lore changes. We are a literate server that has a lot to offer! 

Joining the roleplay now means that your characters directly affect the reforming of the three great circles of legend. They'll be able to influence the laws of the home that they reside in, and even greater than that, the yet to be created Wildlands Law.

Join us today to create your everlasting legacy.

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We offer three unique groups with their own culture and traditions.
Solaris Circle • The Graceful and Welcoming
Raine Circle • The Knowledgeable and Noble
Selene Circle • The Strong and Proud

Open, friendly and safe community 
75+ Roleplay Channels
100+ Herbs to discover
350+ Prey to discover
TTRPG Elements!
Custom systems!
Custom map and territories!
Continue your legacy and discover traits from the original Circles!
Constantly shifting server plot plus the ability to create your own storylines! 


We currently have several high ranking positions open on the server! If you are interested, please see the open positions below.
Please note that all Second In Commands will be promoted to Patrons within the first few months of roleplay

Solaris Circle

Raine Circle
Second In Command

Selene Circle
Second In Command

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